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To  apply for the Trainee Swim Teacher program, fill in  the online form, attaching the required documents which are:

  1. Membership Form
  2. Completed Trainee Swim Teacher Agreement 
  3. Signed Code of Conduct
  4. Signed Child Protection Policy

These documents are provided at the bottom of the page, and may be downloaded with one click on each. If you wish to apply using email, please print out the application form and documents, sign them and attach to an email.

Trainee Swim Teacher Application Form

Become a Trainee Swim Teacher and Volunteer

If you would like to become a qualified swim teacher – and volunteer with the Water Skills for Life team, we would welcome you to join our trainee swim teacher program.   We can provide opportunities to gain your swim teacher qualifications with AUSTSWIM and provide support and mentorship to you, guiding you through the process whilst volunteering for us.

An AUSTSWIM qualification is the industry standard for swimming and water safety teachers. AUSTSWIM is Australia’s national organisation for the teaching of swimming and water safety™. AUSTSWIM has developed quality aquatic education program for those wishing to enter the aquatic industry as a teacher of swimming and water safety™. To find out more visit AUSTSWIM's website.

What’s my Commitment as a Trainee Swim Teacher?

Trainees form an integral part of the team of swim teachers, and as a member of this team, contribute to the overall goals of our programs and projects.  Trainees are asked to provide volunteer hours to our programs in lieu of payment made to trainee for acquiring their swimming qualification.  Part payment to trainee is given upon registering for the swim qualification course and the remainder of the payment on completion of volunteer hours and successful completion of the swim teacher qualification, as set by committee and agreed to by trainee volunteer.

If you wish to be part of our ‘volunteer pool’ Water Skills for Life would ask that you commit to teaching for the entire swim season. However, we do know that people have busy lives and sometimes can’t always commit.  We all work as a team and endeavour to have enough volunteers for each lesson.

To volunteer as a trainee swim teacher, please fill in and submit the required forms.  Please submit as many of the documents required so that we can process your application as quickly as possible. We will respond back to you via email. 

learning to kick - splash the teacher!

learning to kick - splash the teacher!

Khentse our Tibetan Swim Teacher

Khentse our Tibetan Swim Teacher

The Forms and Documents You Need 

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