​​​​Meet Our Volunteers

We have a very experienced team of volunteer swim teachers all are AUSTSWIM qualified and keep up to date with teaching skills.  Many work in the swimming industry at local swim schools.

  • Mary Houten  

  • Allie Barry       

  • Joanne Ritchie    

  • Maria c Porter  

  • Karin Connors  


  • Marie Taylor   




  • Michele Quinn 

  • Tenzin K. Kyishi

  • Nicki Mclachlan

  • Kerry Armstrong

Kerry Armstrong

Kerry Armstrong – Life goal To be a better person, always smiling

I joined the team in 2016 after I found out about refugee lessons from a member of Collaroy  Swimming Club as there was a shortage of volunteers.  As a member of the swim club I started helping with free swim lessons at Collaroy rock pool 30 years ago. 

My role is  a volunteer swim teacher and to help and teach others to enjoy and be safe in the water.  I was attracted to Water Skills For Life Swim as their lessons are inexpensive, so it is a privilege to impart my knowledge. I am motivated to stay involved as I like helping, since I am gifted with a happy life.

To be a volunteer is a great feeling and to see improvement, however small, is a joy.  My most rewarding experience was teaching a refugee toddler who had been in a camp and never been separated from mum. This child was so easy to teach, no understanding of the fear of drowning.

What I have learnt from volunteering is different ideas from other teachers which makes me a better teacher, you can never stop learning.

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